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NAMETEON: is the latest revolutionary platform, which is based on innovative automated systems. Thanks to the use of modern developments in the field of encryption trading, our company offers investors around the world to reach a completely new level of passive profits!

Today, NAMETEON increases the volume of assets by investing its own funds, as well as by using large global fund investments. This development model provides a quick profit growth, which gives 100% guarantee that investing in a company can not be unsuccessful.

Yes. To contact us, just use the phone number that is listed in the "Contact Us" section or in the header of the site on each page.
You will receive accruals in the currency in which you created the investment. In your case - in the BTC.
All financial transactions are performed instantly. With the exception of cryptocurrency investments. It may takes some time to activate your cryptocurrency investment. This is due to the need to confirm transactions by the system.
All payments are made manually, according to the CRYPTO and TRAIDER tariff plans - 2 times a month, according to the DIPLOMAT tariff plan - once a week, the withdrawal takes up to 72 hours.
Yes. The number of investments is not limited.
Yes, you can earn money without investment, using our affiliate programs.

Create a personal account and use the step-by-step instructions that you find in this account.

You can invest using many different payment systems. An up-to-date list of payment methods is available on the main page of the site.
We have provided the widest possible use of the most popular payment systems when investing. You can use special exchange services in order to exchange your funds for any e-currency you need.

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